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In the wake of the announcement of Special Olympics programming being suspended until 31 March 2020, SO would like to provide you with some resources to help promote fitness activities so our athletes can use until regular SOOH programming can resume.

Physical fitness is a key part of the Special Olympics mission. Fitness is the state of optimal health and performance through adequate physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. In order for our athletes to be fit, they must practice healthy habits year-round and throughout their lives. Fitness programming empowers athletes and their supporters to take charge of their own health and fitness by providing the necessary education, social support, opportunities and tracking of progress.
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Fit 5 is a plan for physical activity, nutrition, and hydration


SOFit offers individuals with and without intellectual disabilities a path toward improved health through comprehensive wellness education and regular physical activity.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

offers updates and precautionary treatment/prevention information about the coronavirus