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S.O. Medina athletes in a FREE membership at a local YMCA

August 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

SOOH and Ohio YMCAS are partnering to provide SOOH athletes with opportunities to build
confidence, self-esteem, and accomplishment while strengthening their skills and abilities in a
given sport or activity.
See flyer here

We are also looking to provide awareness of local YMCAs in each athlete’s communities, focusing
on their status as a cause-driven organization that exists to serve. More importantly SOOH is
helping to strengthen and operationalize the YMCA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and
inclusion by providing staff training.
Lastly, this partnership will provide volunteerism and employment opportunities that will benefit
the athlete, YMCA operations, and YMCA members.

Below is a list of known local participating YMCA’s in the general Medina County area – but please contact a YMCA that is closer to you to find out if they are participating.


Step 1: Athlete Completes This YMCA Membership Request Form

FORM: Paste this URL into your web browser to access the form: https://airtable.com/shrBenWA0yJPDO77H

Athlete enters their full name and contact information (email, phone). If the athlete does not use email, they should enter the email of someone who can receive their membership certificate.
Choose the athlete’s Local Organization from the menu (by clicking the +Add button). WE ARE MEDINA BOARD of DD
Does the athlete require having a private provider with them at the YMCA? If so, choose “yes”. If a private provider is required, enter that person’s name. If the provider changes from day to day, enter one main provider’s name.
Choose the preferred YMCA location from the menu (by clicking the +Add button).

The athlete and their local coordinator will receive an email confirmation.

Step 2: Local Coordinator completes the Membership Approval form by way of the hyperlink provided in the confirmation email

Local coordinator chooses the athlete’s name from the menu (by clicking the +Add button).
Select the sports seasons in which the athlete participates in Special Olympics (select all that apply).
Does the athlete require having a private provider with them at the YMCA? If so, choose “yes”.
Type the full name of the local coordinator who is approving this membership request.

Step 3: Receive YMCA Membership Certificate

If the local coordinator approves the membership, and the athlete participates in at least one season of Special Olympics, a Membership Certificate will be emailed to the athlete and cc’d to the local coordinator.
Athlete can print this Membership Certificate or show on their phone at the YMCA where they selected their membership.
The YMCA will enroll the athlete (and their private provider, if required) and give them their official YMCA membership card.

See flyer here